Princess Connie Locher (as in the music scene also going by as GRAMMY Artist "Kitty Pae") has been Royal since 3 years old. She is Russian Denmark, a Princess and Great British from Korea. She was discovered by President Donald Trump as American Princess in 2019 and gained title in 2019 June recently after being declared by President Obama in 2009 (2010) which she did not remember. She has been  playing the  piano since 4 years old, and has built her studio with Jim Cravero. Her passion to promoted peace in music has never left.


She hears sounds that are uniquely to her own. In this life to the world of sounds, she interprets everything she hears, real and imaginary, and shares her story and interpretation through music. She continues to promotes peace privately while she has been developing medicine (clinical). 

"I want people to know I am who I am, and no one can take that away from me. Hence, my songs are truly my diaries, a reflection of my feelings - a reflection of my life and I want to share them."


Let's promote peace together.

Princess Connie Locher has gained multiple music scholarships including at Vanderbilt's Blair School of Music in Nashville and holds an education in medical (clinical-pharmaceuticals) and engineering. She works in the renowned GRAMMY winning studio and with producer Sir James (Jim) Cravero at East Coast Recording Company in Warminster, Pennsylvania (USA) and Lady Maureen Ferguson. She worked with Cloudnone recently from Monstecat label and catolog with GRAMMY Artist Slippy in (EDM Dance Genre). She has history with other  GRAMMY Artists including (long history with Sir Joel Thomas Zimmerman (a.k.a Deadmau5), Zedd, Hardwell, DJs Lady Ashley Powers and Sir Carlos Salas from Fold Theory-International, and recently Justin Timberlake, and Sir Fedde Le Grande (Knight), Sam Smith, and Coldplay's main act with Chris Martin, Nicole Kidman). 

She started her Princess tour in 4th grade in Tennessee and won titles in:

Tennessee Music Teachers Association (Fourth Grade) Piano Solo -"WINNER" title.

2nd Mark - Korea (Royal) Tour in October 24 1993,

1st Mark - Korea (Royal) Tour in February 26 1995.

"Piano Solo-WINNER" title from Tennessee Federal Music Scholars and Guild since 1999

"Musicianship-WINNER" title from Tennessee Federal Music Consortium (previously named Music County) since 1999.

Memphis Tennessee Scholar - Board of Association "SOLO ARITIST" Title

"Promote for Peace" Award recipient.

Winner of 1998 Clavierfest

A Spiritual recognition from a church as pianist church player (Korean)

"Senior Music Award (HONORS) Connie Locher" title from CONCERT BAND 4. FULL ORCHESTRA 2. TRI-M SOCIETY 2.DISTRICT BAND 1. MARCHING BAND 1. PIT ORCHESTRA 1 (and also COUNTY). For contracts and agreements please do not reach out to Montgomery County representatives or Methacton alumni and teachers. Please visit and report to the Princess foundation (Royal-Korea) or Jim Cravero at East Coast Recording Company.  

She has recovered award and title for her research in clinical from: 

West Chester University (2015/2016 Dean Scholar and Statistics Grad for Programming in Applied Statistic.), and Pennsylvania State University (2005-2009 Dean Scholar). Princess, as a researcher, got a scholarship from Johnson & Johnson Co. Core-company for developing her first study in a case study in 2008. She has entered and won scholar (educational) awards and recognition from B. Braun Company-Medical for "Torque vs. Pressure study" in research; 2009 Biomedical Engineering Program Scholar award; Computer Research scholar in Metadata which led to a research grant and winner for Penn State's device and now owns "medidataRave". 2015-2017 Teva "STAR" award for her effort in developing success launch for FDA approved medicine "AUSTEDO" for patients with Chorea with Huntington's Disease, and accepted for Tardive Dyskinesia, and QVAR Redihaler resporatory-Inhalor. There are other Therapeutic Area cluster-headaches and migraines approved drugs she worked for. In 2018, she left Teva for good. She then worked at CSL, Inc. with medidataRave developing new studies in versed cardiology and stem-cell research. She had recently in 2019-2020 worked from Bristol-Myers Squibb as a 6 month contract Clinical Engineer in biomedicine for Oncology developing a new study. They recently changed their logo for her in 2020.

She started a research grant through her internship at Penn State University in Summer 2009 with Doctor Tammy Whoo. It is now with Penn State University.

She has Leadership awards from "National Youth Leadership Conference" from WASHINGTON D.C. Capitol and recently been re-awarded (1st recognition was in 2004, and 2005, The 2nd recognition in 2019) in the White House from President Donald Trump. She has the American flag (current) with Great British.

She lives in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, United States of America with her family. Her husband, King Albert Charles Henry is Great British (Royal),


"My music is simple and somehow I desire to make a meaningful connection."

KITTY PAE        |||

Philadelphia, PA.